The client wants to run a European platform for training, with particular emphasis on Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. It is known that workers learn something if it is passed in the native language, even if they know English. Easily understand and remember the content of the training. Unfortunately it is only available in English.
Training in English takes time, it is run by a young woman and a young man (target audience representatives of Gen Y, are in their twenties and are raised by new technologies).63100cb2dbe030188eaf10efde9c2a56,112,30
There is no documentation of the recording. The first thing you should do is write down and translate it.
The service provider will measure language localization project and create a schedule.
Local Partners and verify the translated script before recording check that it is correct.
The final result of the project location will be recorded audio material in WAV format.
What to remember?

Ringtone Media is not ready until it is ready recording.
Audio projects do not rely solely on the finding of a native speaker and poproszeniu him to read the text.
Often the best choice turns out to be completely professional recording adapted to local conditions.
It is the local version of the commission preparing language service providers who have experience of recorded sound materials.
Translating the content of the recording and affixing captions it may be cheaper. Provider of language services will help it settle.

Post title is repeatedly moved during the discussions on audio material. One of the emerging questions are below.

Question: It seems that the provision of subtitling is less expensive than planting a vote that requires the involvement of many teachers. Is this true? If so, what is the percentage difference?

Answer: True. The more votes need to be recorded, the higher the costs. If you take part in the recording of many people whose voice is used, you should ask yourself: “Do I really need to locate as many teachers?”. In return, you can involve only one woman and one man – this could be an alternative for subtitles and not nadwyręży budget.

If the employment of many teachers is essential, inscriptions probably do not pass the exam. To assess this, you should consider what can influence the final product. If the footage is very long, it takes 45 minutes for example, the user of the product will not sacrifice him enough attention, because it will be difficult to follow the action and subtitles at the same time. Subtitles can be considered applicable in the case of short films, up to about 10 minutes.

As for the cost, it is difficult to determine the percentage of them are in fact dependent on many factors, including length of the recording, the target language, and the total number of teachers involved. It is worth noting that the longer the recording, the lower the price per minute. In the case of subtitles for the film, the cost depends only on its length. When establishing the budget so you’ll need to remember the purpose for which the recording is created, and how the material is to be received